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free myspace background sampleAugust 28th - Girly Myspace Layouts and more flags

As promised (and highly requested), we added a few new flags for you all! If you want to add your flag background but still cant' find it, make sure to let us know by filling out our request form here!:

New Myspace Layouts! We added a new myspace layouts section, Girly Myspace Layouts! So far we only have a few, but we are definitely taking requests for new layouts to be made. We do all our own custom work, so if there's a girly background (or other layout/background you're looking for, contact us here! More cool stuff coming soon!


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free myspace background sampleJuly 23 - Animals, Cartoons & Flag backgrounds for myspace!

-Animal graphics! Here's a bunch of fun friendly myspace graphics for your profile.

-Cartoon graphics! A variety of interesting and fun characters for your myspace profile here.

-Brand new Flag section! Due to popular request, we added flags for many of the major countries you folks visit from! Display your national pride and make your flag your background for myspace! Can't find the flag you want? Just submit a request!

That's it for today! Look for some more fun stuff later on this week :)

free myspace background sampleJuly 16 - As promised, a major update! Here's what's new:

-BRAND new "New" menu section on the left to help you see all the latest site updates!

-20 new myspace girly backgrounds!

-Brand new Celeb graphics section! We added 40 images this time around and will be adding a TON more celeb graphics for backgrounds, profiles, layouts, you name it! Check it out!

-Fixed the Myspace Background Generator! It had a few difficulties, but it should be working properly now.

Alright, that's it for now, another update to come soon :)

free myspace background sampleJuly 11 -Whoops. After a long discussion, we decided it would be best to move the site to free-background-layouts.com for a variety of reasons. You'll still have your profile hotlinks from free-myspace-background.com, but if you get a chance to do so, you should just replace the lines that say "free-myspace-background.com' to 'free-background-layouts.com'. Sorry to be down for a bit, but we're finally back up and running- and looking better than ever! Look for some more myspace themes and myspace layouts coming soon.

free myspace background sampleJuly 7 -By popular request, we put up a whole new section for girly backgrounds! So as a starter we custom-made a whole bunch and put them up for you here! We'll be adding some more here pretty soon. Don't worry guys, we should have some stuff coming your way in the near future as well. Also, as we said earlier, look for some new cool contact tables to be going up here soon, as well as some great new free myspace layouts soon as well!

free myspace background sampleJuly 1 - Just in time for 4th of July, we added 15 NEW 4th of July backgrounds! Check them out here. Another added bonus for all you - another 20 NEW backgrounds added to our free background page! This time, it's a mix of paper-looking backgrounds, some weird colors, and some marble-looking ones, and just some assorted ones to personalize your myspace profile. Look for Contact Tables and more glitter stuff coming soon!

Welcome to free-background-layouts.com! Be sure to check back for new updates! We're looking forward to bringing you lots of cool stuff in the future!

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MySpace Contact Tables Everyone needs a personalized contact table, and we have a bunch. We're also going to update this section pretty soon with new ones!

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